Oak Wood School expects full attendance and good punctuality from all students. Attendance at school is a legal requirement and without it we believe students cannot progress satisfactorily. Where necessary, the school will work with parents and support agencies to achieve the best possible attendance from all its students. In return the students will be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the school. Good attendance and punctuality is also a life skill. We recognise that full attendance at school is important to the well-being of all our students and enables them to access the opportunities made available to them. Attendance is monitored and we work closely with ACE (Attendance, Compliance and Enforcement Service) when the patterns of absence or punctuality are of concern.

Oak Wood Schools attendance target stands at 94% and we are pleased to say that last academic year from September 2018 – July 2019 Oak Wood Primary achieved 92.8% and Oak Wood Secondary achieved 93.9%.

Last terms attendance (September-December) for Oak Wood Primary is 92.1% and Oak Wood Secondary is 92.4%

Please remember to let school staff know before 9.30am if your child is unable to come to school on that day.

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