About Oak Wood Secondary

Welcome to Oak Wood Secondary School; thank you for taking the time to look at our website and read this message.

Our pupils’ Education Heath and Care Plans identify their educational, health and social needs and set out the additional support that is required to meet those needs.  We are very proud of our young people and their achievements.

Our staff are deeply committed to the school community and the families and carers of our young people. They pride themselves in providing aspirational learning opportunities enabling our young people to reach their full potential and beyond. Our staff are highly committed and know how to nurture each pupil in preparation for their next steps in education and training. We work closely with parents, carers and wider professionals to ensure that our young people can benefit for a holistic approach and learn in a happy and safe environment. We are committed to safeguarding and person-centred approaches for our entire school community.

Oak Wood School’s curriculum has been designed to offer three aspirational learning pathways. A fluid approach between pathways offers opportunities for pupils to follow different elements of pathways; thus, ensuring that all pupils receive appropriate levels of challenge.  Learning programmes focus on developing the skills that our pupils need for independence, empowerment, employment and adulthood. We work closely with Oak Wood Primary to ensure that the skills are built upon over time and that our pupils have a smooth transition into secondary and feel supported to grow into confident and happy adults.

We always warmly welcome visits from parents and carers which can be done through making an appointment to meet or simply turning up to school as we have an open-door policy.

Suzanne Whiston


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